Headlock type of fodder table barrier is self-fixing mechanism. Safe feeding arrays have aperture for the head at the top and at the bottom. Thanks to lower aperture for head, the cow, if needed, can be freed if it is unable to climb on its own to the upper aperture. All positions of the locking mechanism can be operated with one locking lever.

Main advantages:

•    Reliability of construction.
•    Easy to operate.
•    Possibility of individual fixation.
•    Safe for responders.



List of equipment
of FTB «Headlock»

* Headlock
9220.00.000-05 Upright frame D76х3,5 Н1800
9217.02.000-01 Regulated support arm D76 Edge connector Interim connector Stop pipe connector


Types of fodder table barriers “Headlock” depending on number of places


ArticleNameL, mm.L1, mm. Headlock 2 places 550 1250 Headlock 3 places 550 1800 Headlock 4 places 550 2350 Headlock 5 places 550 2900 Headlock 2 places 650 1500 Headlock 3 places 650 2150 Headlock 4 places 650 2800 Headlock 5 places 650 3450