Secondary equipment

Secondary equipment

Cross-over valves

By design, valves can be cross-over unilateral, cross-over bilateral, and cross-over trilateral valves, different inclination angles, round and square cross-section. We produce cross-over valves of different design. The principle nodes of cross-over valves are welded body, made of plate steel, cross-over safety screen and driving unit. The construction can be manually controlled or equipped with electric drive (worm gear motor).

Rack and pinion gates

The gates are used for regulated discharging process for grain or its refinement products out of containers and bunkers. There are gates with a hand gear, electric gear, adapters.

Gravity equipment

Grain moving by the action of its own weight downwards is performed using gravity devices. Steel pipes circles with round or square cross-section, and for lines with high performance - rectangular cross-section.