Milk coolers Tanks

Milk coolers Tanks

Tanks-milk coolers are designed for cooling and subsequent storage of milk. LLC "Variant Agro Build" offers installation of horizontal tank gated different capacities.


Tank-cooler made of stainless steel. Milk cooler is equipped with adjustable feet, ladder, hatch, automatic flushing system and cooling unit. Cooled milk is controlled by a special control room, with a system of protection against power surges. When disconnecting the compressor tank works like a thermos, and can maintain the temperature regime with a maximum rise in temperature of -1 ° C. Each tank has its own measuring range, which is controlled by a computer calibration. To maintain the quality of milk is required to produce the sink regularly. Each cooling tank equipped with an automatic washing system.


Main advantages:

- Fully welded frame with a double eco-friendly insulation and sealed stainless steel housing;

- Certified processing to the highest standards of quality standards EN, ISO and NF;

- A unique, automatic washing system with dynamic water supply A.E.D. provides complete irrigation of the internal walls of the tank and reliable removal of milk residues and hard deposits;

- High-precision measurement of the amount of milk by individual calibration;

- Easy to maintain, Expert electronic control system displays all the information on the 32-digit LCD display;

- Separation tank and the cooling unit is a free choice of location for the installation of a refrigeration unit, since it is not included vkomplekt supply tank and must be ordered separately.