Advantages of the silos manufactured by “Libena Agro Build” LLC

1. “Libena Agro Build” LLC is using wall panels with a short wave length 67.5 mm. This kind of wave geometry together with other similar steel characteristics significantly improves the strength and sustaining capability of the silo construction.
2. Cooperation with “Libena Agro Build” LLC allows you to select a wide range of silos, with a capacity of 10 to 27.326 cubic meters and a diameter of 2.75 to 32.0 m for short- and long-term storage of various crops, which simplifies the silo design selection depending on the site plot geometry and customers’ needs.

3. Cooperation with “Libena Agro Build” LLC includes development of the project for future construction, including tasks for foundations, creating of grain movement technological process project, solutions related with installation, supervised installation and jobs completion on a turnkey basis.

4. “Libena Agro Build” LLC offers basic configuration galvanized coating 350g/sq. m., and if desired by a customer - 450g/sq. m. and higher.
5. Silos production technological process includes modern equipment application such as plate-bending machines with CNC and laser cutting facilities, which ensure total details identification and perfect silo construction elements assemblability. The laser also makes marking on every detail, which simplifies silos assembling and eliminates mistakes.

6. Silos with conical bottom manufactured by “Libena Agro Build” LLC are used as buffer containers for wet grain drying, accumulative containers for dispatch onto auto and railway transport as well as for regular grain storage. Depending on the grain type, the conical bottom inclination angle can be 45, 55, 60 and 65 degrees. They are manufactured with a diameter of 2.75 to 11.0 m with maximum capacity 1945 sq. m. The silo construction and its supporting part are designed in such way that to ensure uniform load distribution onto the foundation.

7.  To provide high sustaining capability, reinforcement plates have different cross sectional area, which depends on a silo height and has 5 or 7 borders.

8. Silos are equipped with a ventilation system, cleanup screw, thermometry system, loading-unloading system.

9. Roof construction provides proper working at snow load of 180 kg/sq. m and in separate cases – 220 kg/sq. m.

10. At silo roof installation grade 5 (8.8K) bolts are used, and at wall boards installation - grade 8 (9.10K) bolts. Hermetic sealing is provided due to special sealer application. A silo body frame is attached to the foundation with chemical anchors.

11. First and second silo level is equipped with an access hatch on the inside and outside with latches.

12. Construction of the outer and roof stair with a rest platform ensures safe access to the roof where the air-exhausters, ventilation system and suction tubes are installed.

13. Silos are assembled with wind protection rings, and if desired by a customer, with fire extinguishing system (standpipe).

Silo-top galleries, supports and transport bridges

Construction of the silos manufactured by “Libena Agro Build” LLC gives an opportunity to rest the silo-top gallery directly upon the silo body frame, which provides money saving to a customer, eliminating expenditures for additional supports and their foundations manufacturing. Silo-top galleries are made one and two pass of galvanized steel.




SVP type silos on the concrete base




SVK type silos on the conical base