Rubber coating

Rubber coating

Floor in the cow house must help to increase productivity and maintain animal health. The floor must be dry, warm, comfortable in use, waterproof, flexible, durable, non-toxic, non-slip, resistant to aggressive environments.


It is necessary to pay attention to the behavior of cows in the boxes, in which they are held. If the animal stands instead of lying, you need to look for defects in arrangement of boxing. According to their physiology cows have to lie at least 12 hours per day. This mode favors the formation of more milk, as well as recreation and hooves and joints drying. This helps to avoid diseases of limbs, including lameness, which adversely affects the productivity of the animals by reducing food intake, and entails premature culling and reduced reproduction.



The top layer of floor mats for cows is made from high quality rubber which has a relief texture. It has antislip properties and is resistant to wear. The lower part of the carpet for cows is made from profile with spikes of different length, which ensures high elasticity, firmness and softness of the carpet. The advantages of these carpets are: increased durability, ensuring comfort of stall space, reducing the risk of hoof diseases and injury to cows; increasing the productivity of the animals rest; better absorption of water or fodder; increase of the amount of milk and improvement of the milking process.


Key advantages

•    It has high thermal insulation properties.

•    Udder, lungs and hooves of the cow are in the best possible conditions.

•    Protects the joints at falling and rising.

•     Does not absorb moisture. Easy to clean. Resistant to aggressive chemical liquids.

•    Elastic. Well adapted to the average pressure of the hooves.

•     Durable. Maintains a stable form for a long time.

•    Non-toxic. Environmentally safe. Has antibacterial effect.

•    Simplifies the process of animal care. Reduces labor costs