The construction of sections and boxes provides comfortable accommodation in cattle in the barn. Shape section provides the cow space for a comfortable stay and free movement. Setting the stall equipment improves hygiene in the barn, and therefore, improves the health of the whole herd. Today stalls installed in almost all dairy farms. We produce stable equipment consists of a universal fastening elements and spacers which allow to fix them without welding. Individual box allows the cow to go to bed and wake up in a natural way with the filing of the trunk forward. It is convenient and comfortable - a cow lying down resting for at least 12-14 hours a day, and provides a clean and dry surface under the udder.

Loop "Comfort"

ArticleNameLength, mm
9210.09.001-02 Loop "Comfort" 2030
9210.09.001 Loop "Comfort" 1930
9210.09.001-01 Loop "Comfort" 1700
9210.09.001-03 Loop "Comfort" 1600

Loop "US"

ArticleNameLength, mm
9210.10.001-02 Loop "US" 2030
9210.10.001 Loop "US" 1930
9210.10.001-01 Loop "US" 1700
9210.10.001-03 Loop "US" 1600

Loop "Standard"

ArticleNameLength, mm
9210.05.001-02 Loop "Standard" 2030
9210.05.001 Loop "Standard" 1930
9210.05.001-01 Loop "Standard" 1700
9210.05.001-03 Loop "Standard" 1600

Loop "Calf"

ArticleNameLength, mm
9210.11.001 Loop "Calf" 1600
9210.11.001-01 Loop "Calf" 1350