Scow elevator

Scow elevator

The main purpose for the scow elevator for grain is a vertical transportation of grain and flowing products. Among the scow grain elevators advantages are the following: absence of fragmentation and minimal grain damage, reliability and durability of scow elevators, minimal energy consumption, ability to work on the lump materials displacement (seed cake, etc.).


Standard scow elevator characteristics:

-    body frame out of galvanized or painted steel,

-    reinforced bearings,

-    holes for cleaning,

-    performance up to 175 t/h,

-    transportation height up to 60m,

-    foreign engine,

-    scows out of metal or polyurethane,

-     explosion relieve device availability,

-    controllers of speed, ribbon tailing, backing.

Scow elevators can be optionally produced with performance up to 400 t/h.




Scow elevators performance and technical characteristics


Ribbon optimal speed, m/sScow
volume, L
Gearing power, kVtLifting
height, m
Н-50 50 2,34 1,5 11 60
Н-100 100 2,88 2,5 30 60
Н-175 175 2,88 7 45 60