Cleanup screw conveyer

Cleanup screw conveyer

Scope and work principle description

Cleanup screw conveyer (SCC) for designed for grain mass residues cleanup after silos loading on the concrete (flat) base with diameters of 11 up to 32 meters. SCC consists of a scraper screw located in the box, which is brought in motion by an electric motor through a gear and an elastic coupling. From the place of the driving unit SCC is fixed with hinges on the axis of central silo discharging net which allows the conveyer to perform circular motions around the silo geometrical axis using a propeller. After grain unloading through the outlet holes, an operator performs connection of the electric cable from the control cabinet to the SCC plague, installs it in operating position. With a help of a remote console operator sets the conveyer in a semi-automatic mode for grain mass residues cleanup. The propeller brings the SCC to the grain and the screw moves it to the central discharging net. As the area around the screw is getting cleaned, propeller moves the SCC further in a circle. In this case, if load on the motor screws is growing till particular level, the propeller electric motor is automatically turned off and turned on after the load fall, which ensures long service life of SCC nodes.

Set and installation

SCC is supplied as a set of ready -to-install nodes that require only their adjustment connection using bolts. This prevents any non-qualified intervention into SCC design and ensures long exploitation term under normal use and service.



Construction peculiarities and competitive variations

-    The torque from the gear is transmitted to the screw through a flexible coupling that reduces the effect of radial and axial beat of the screw on the gear than ensures its work durability.

-    Propeller is applied with original construction wheels with a high fixation level with the bottom.

-    SCC is equipped with a scraper along the whole box ensuring minimum grain residues on the silo bottom after the cleanup.

-    Electrical system of the SCC turn on enables to perform semi-automatic grain residues cleanup without operator intrusion, providing the following safety precautions:

-    Overheating and overloading protection for the screw and propeller,

-    Work blocking of the screw motor without propeller work.

-    SCC emergency stop is possible both form remote control, and controlling box.

-    SCC has module construction, which enables to produce them for silos on concrete base of all diameters from 8 to 32 meters, both domestic and foreign origin.


Technical characteristics
Technical performance
(for 0.76 t/m3 wheat)
Screw diameter, mm 300
Screw pitch, mm 250
Screw rotary drive installed capacity for silos 11-22 m
(22-32 m), kW
7,5 (11) 
Screw speed, rpm 300
Moving mechanism drive installed capacity, kWt  0,37