Scraping chain conveyer

Scraping chain conveyer

Scraping chain conveyers (SCC) are designed for horizontal, inclined and horizontal-inclined transportation of grain and other flowing products. Conveyers can be used outdoors in all climate zones.


In its basic configuration the conveyor is supplied in non-lined performance out of galvanized steel, consisting of:

-    drive section with discharging hopper. The drive section is equipped with a device for conveyor overloading prevention,

-    tension section with the charging node. The tension section is equipped with a controller of rotation and chain rupture;

-    sections of 0.5m, 1m, 2m, which allows to provide transporter length from 2 to75 meters with an interval of 0.5m,

-    abutments, installed both on the concrete floor, and scaffold,

-    tabulated chain with scrapers. Upon customers’ request, the scrapers can be equipped with plastic plates. The same chain can be equipped with scows for cleaning up grain residues in the drive sections with rack and pinion gates.

-    hard components for transporter assembling.




In addition to basic performance, one can select additional options:

-    additional loading flanges,

-    additional discharging knots with fasteners and nozzles. The fastener can be opened transverse and lateral, the driving unit can be both manual and electrical,

-    sections bottom lining. Upon customers’ request, lining can be performed either with metal 3 mm, or caprolon 10 mm,

-    rotational sections 5°, 10°,  15° for horizontal-inclined conveyers,

-    regulated abutments for inclined and horizontal-inclined conveyers,

-    uploading sections for the intake pits.

Upon customers’ request, conveyors can be made of black steel with further painting. Also a customer can select driving units, both domestic through elastic coupling, and imported, fitted on the driving shaft.





Technical characteristics


Conveyers performance, t/h 50* 100*
Transportation length, m от 1 до 75 от 1 до 75
Maximum bending angle, degree 15 15
Chain speed rate, m/c 0,55** 0,5**
Box width, mm 200 300
Applied chain step, mm 100 125
Metal walls thickness, mm 3 3
Metal bottom thickness, mm 4 4

*indicated for wheat with density 0.78 t/m. cub.
**can be changeable depending on transported products and bending angle.