Houses for calves

Houses for calves

The housing of newborn calves in the open area outdoors in individual boxes provides:

•    the natural conditions for development of calves (clean air and natural sunlight which promotes the generation of vitamin D by calf’s body, reduction of ammonia concentration ammonia, water vapor, dust to a minimum);
•    isolation from sources of infection;
•    improving immune system, reducing the incidence of calves;
•    freedom of movement - no risk of inactivity;
•    Individual supervision and care;
•    the ability to comply with the required technology of feeding depending on the individual development of the calf;
•    low costs for cultivation of young growth.



1. Box BST

•    dimensions: 1450mm х 1200mm х 1300mm;

•    material: food polyethylene;

•    color - white;

•    box is equipped with an adjustable air grid, box lifting mechanism, doorsteps which prevent pulling the litter out of the box.

•    Polymer barrier of backyard area

•    dimensions – 1200mm х 1280mm х 1000mm;

•    material: food polyethylene;

•    barrier is equipped with mountings for the drinkers, water tanks, feeders for concentrates.


- Feeders for mineral supplements and concentrates

•    material - polyethylene;

•    self-closing.

- Hanging drinking bowl for calves

•    capacity-7 liters;

•    material- food polyethylene;

•    drinking bowl is equipped with a valve which prevents from air entering into the rumen during feeding;

•    is supplied with teat.

- Water tank

•    capacity-6 liters;

•    material- food polyethylene.