Delta scrapers

Delta scrapers

This manure removal system is recommended to use with untethered housing of animals. Manure in cow houses piles up in manure passages which are needed to be cleaned regularly from piled up manure.
Delta scrapper plant moves off manure from opened passages, and it’s unloading and movement is possible from back and sides of building.
Delta scrapper plant consists of power block, V-shaped scraper, straight scrapper and sections, equipped with abrasive elements.

The advantages of this system are:

- high-performance manure removing both through central and back passages of cow house;

- watery and solid manure removal;

- absolute safety of animals;

- improvement of cow housing conditions by virtue of ammonia decrease, emitted by manure.



Drive mechanism parameters

Power, kW.Maximum length
of chain, m
0,55 120
0,75 250
1,5 350



•    Robust welded construction made of galvanized steel.

•    Heavy execution.

•    Thanks to V-shaped scraper animals can easily step over it, when scraper is moving in reverse direction cows avoid it on the side.

•    Automatically adapts to the different widths of the manure alley.

•    Ideal for farms with straw bedding.

•    Fully folding scraper, used for the tractor passage on manure alley.